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About “special interests” and the pesky law

May 17, 2010

The Albany Times-Union is reporting on the latest horrors of special interests. It turns out that people are using the court system to make executive branches of state governments enforce the law. The horror! The privilege! The specialness of interests!

FWIW, I’ve got a pretty large personal stake in one of the lawsuits in question.

Count this as another fallout of the recession, where the judicial branch is used by special interests in high-profile cases to impose spending decisions on the executive and legislative branches.

The result [of governments trying to break the law?] includes court decisions that rule on one major element of spending — for example an effort to restore school aid or to block state worker furloughs — on its legal merits, not whether taxpayers can afford it, [Patricia Salkin, associate dean of the University of Albany’s Government Law Center] said. [emphasis mine]

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