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NYS: Fatties are infantile children who will ruin us all

May 12, 2010

Via the Albany Times-Union, a splendid activity page bit of fauxgressive lobbying by Governor Paterson’s* State Health Department:

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People who disagree with the government of New York are evil, stupid, children. Who are fat. And will destroy America.

I sense a pattern.

And it’s not funny.

Permit me to demonstrate:
“Hello, good Sir! I would like to voice a disagreement with your proposed policy.”

“Run along to play in your clubhouse, you thumb-sucking bed-wetter.”

Okay, perhaps that was a little funny. And perhaps it is a given that thumb-sucking bed-wetters should go play in their clubhouses. However, that’s really changing the subject. Unoriginal. Unproductive. Un-un-insulting.

What were we talking about? Oh yeah, New York is broke. Pffft… fatties.

*Technically, it’s New York’s State Health Department, but it seems clear where the talking points are coming from.

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