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Obamacare: Prussian Conspiracy Edition

March 27, 2010

Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune columnist Katherine Kersten isn’t all there; I don’t know how else to say it. She has a long history of saying pretty bizarre and inflammatory things.  My personal favorite was her insinuation that Yale was behind a sinister leftist plot to allow people to find out about kinds of sex that she doesn’t like.  And?

I’m not so much interested in Kersten (she’s low hanging fruit), as opposed to the completely unhinged style of argument that is being passed off as opinion making in the paper I grew up with.

Her latest piece, on health care reform, is a beautiful example of modern American conservative punditry.  There’s no actual discussion of the specifics of the policy she’s discussing.  There are however, plenty of bizarre assertions, and nebulous assumptions:

Obama and Pelosi created (really?) a plan that would lead to a government takeover of the insurance industry.  Really?  If this was true (it’s not), would it automatically be a bad thing?  Kersten never really explains this.

This is legislation, which involves the government (imagine!), therefore it’s elitist.  I’m not sure why, I think it has something to do with elected officials thinking they’re smart enough to make policy decisions that will impact the constituents that elected them to do so.

This legislation is progressive, because… uh… uh….

And all progressives are the bedfellows of Prussians. I shit you not, honest to Goddess Prussians.  Kersten never explains why Prussians are bad, incidentally.  I can only assume she’s upset because Prussia is a horrible place, without electricity, or any tangible presence in the here and now.  And also, there were Germans, who were some sort of Marxist Nazis.  So there’s that.

As for Kersten’s specific objections to ZOMGSATANICOBAMACARE!!!!!ELEVENTY!!, I can’t really find any, other than that it’s pure, unadulterated evil.  And this is the root of the problem, both with Kersten, and so much of the conservative

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