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Waiting by the phone

March 26, 2010

This week hasn’t been the best, what, with the health insurance thing, and that one trans thing I still haven’t found the stomach to address.  Any who, the really fun comes when the two issues intersect!

I happened to be browsing my insurance provider’s website trying to figure out whether or not they’d cover this one super important, totally life-changing medical procedure, when I noticed that the list of exemptions appeared to no longer explicitly prohibit coverage for this one other necessary procedure that would vastly improve my quality of life.

Not wanting to get too excited about actual insurance coverage for essential health care, I waited a few days before calling my union to see what they might be able to work out with my provider.  After today’s call, it looks like coverage for one of the procedures might be covered, assuming my partner and I go through a bunch of hoops.  As for the other, I have no idea.  I’m not holding my breath, to say the least.  Even if my insurance company appears to be cooperative, I have to steel myself for negotiations with providers, and the consequences of the inevitably low rate at which my insurance company will reimburse my provider (or me) for treatment.  There’s an exceptionally high likelihood that I, person saving for bankruptcy, will have to pay my provider tens of thousands of dollars up front.  That’s money I can use for fees associated with the other medical thing.

I’ll get initial word next week.  I’m not holding my breath.  I can also count several thousand dollars of medical bills that I already know aren’t covered.  And, oh, the hoops!

This is the point at which I want to remind readers that American health insurance, while potentially lethal in absentia, isn’t that much better in reality.  The fact is, the mere hope of coverage, the mere toying with my family and I, is depressing beyond belief.  Of course, there are therapists and drugs to help with that, but they’re not cheap either.

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