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¶ q. d. 3: We’re smart, therefore we Milgram

March 17, 2010

Life has hurt my schedule. Also, I am now making verbs out of proper nouns. I blame a bruised brain.

I have a feeling lots of folks will (continue to) comment on the profound spectacle that is “The Game of Death”. It’s a documentary about the Milgram experiment. Er, it’s a recreation of the Milgram experiment. Except there’s clearly a point, oh, and a hot chick. And Jews!!


Television game show, movie, whatever.

All I can muster is amazement at the smug satisfaction with which the film’s director justifies recreating one of the most controversial and potentially psychologically damaging experiments of the mid-20th century. It’s always something, isn’t it. If it’s not ironic, it’s educational. Or thought-provoking. In any case, if you’re a smug, self-satisfied, and generally privileged dude, whatever you’re doing certainly isn’t wrong…. which is also why ‘granddaughter of Holocast victims’ is as funny as it always is.

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