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January 31, 2010


So uh, this is, um, a new blog then?

Here’s the deal.  I’m in the process of reorganizing all of the stuff I throw around the internet.  This has three points which I will make in numbered-listy format:

1) I now have three blogs instead of one.  The first site doesn’t really count as a blog– I just use wordpress, well, because.  It’s an autonomous version of my work website (which may soon move/link to a space on my employer’s site).  It’s my space and my content (and thus, not representative of whatever it is my employer and the State of New York think), but it’s really intended for current/potential students, as well as colleagues.  I’m intending to have a second blog that deals with science, gender, and sexuality, which is something of a professional interest.  The idea is that will be pretty focused, and would be something I’d share with academics or other folks with an interest in the subject.  Which is where this blog comes in– it’s for everything else.  Given that I’m rearranging everything, I also moved a few of the older posts from my blogger page to over here.  I don’t know that I’ll be posting all that frequently (I don’t now, and my life isn’t getting any less busy).

2) I’m blogging under my *actual name*.  On the one hand, it’s a bit bizarre to worry that actual people might find out (or even care) what I think.  Still, I found myself living a pretty disconnected existence.  I’m obviously not posting about everything that crosses my mind, but there’s definitely been a lot of stuff I hold back, for fear of offending folks.  Lots of folks deal with this, but certainly as a queer, lesbian, transsexual, socialist, feminist, atheist woman, I find me watching myself more than is healthy.  I’m working on it.

3) OMG… I just looked at my post cloud.  Scary.  Most of my posts are about things I’m pretty worked up about.  I *may* find myself making occasional posts about happy stuff.  Writing shouldn’t just be an angry activity.

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